Overland Equipment
Chico, CA
In the Summer of 2009 I loaded up in the car with art director Sue Redding and my assistant Debra Zeller. We began the 5 hour drive through from San Francisco to Chico to scout locations for the next day’s shoot. Thunderstorms were brewing on the horizon even though it was 90 degrees out. We had no idea what conditions we were going to face the following day.

Later that evening we met up with the rest of the crew from Overland Equipment. It was the clients vision was to use employees in the outdoor industry rather than professional models. They sent down a crew of 4 from Portland to be our talent for the day. The weather worked out in our favor and I got hundreds of great shots in a matter of hours. The images have since been used throughout Overland’s catalogs, brochures, trade show, and marketing materials.

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